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Here at M&M Fire Protection we utilize AutoSPRINK VR to design high quality professional shop drawings. AutoSPRINK VR is a stand-alone Fire Sprinkler Cad program that allows the sprinkler layout to be designed in 3D. AutoSPRINK VR allows us to perform hydraulic calculations to comply with the latest version of NFPA 13.

All projects are designed by an in house NICET Level IV senior engineer technician. Our designers work closely with the authority having jurisdiction to meet their design requirements and obtain approval on our fire sprinkler drawings.

Below are links to reviewing authorities websites for your convenience.

Colorado Division of Fire Safety

City of Pueblo Fire Department

Colorado Springs Fire Department

Crested Butte Fire Protection District

City of Fountain Fire Department

Canon City Fire Protection District

City of La Junta Fire Department

Durango Fire & Rescue

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